Quincy 5 Miler is a non for profit organization dedicated to bring human powered boating for recreation and racing, back to the Mississippi River, at Quincy Illinois.

Rowing in Quincy goes back at least to 1872 on the Mississippi here. A once popular past time and sport, it all but died out in the 1950’s, with the last regatta heard here in 1950.

Two of the boat clubs still in existence today were born due to rowing, the South Side Boat Club & the North Side Boat Club. The SSBC began in 1886, while the NSBC started in 1893 and was created as a rival club. At the time it was thought that by both clubs competing in the yearly regatta, better races and larger prizes would be had.

A description of how the Quincy 5 Miler started can be found here. Ray Thomas briefly explains how and why the race was created.